Election observation in Russia has never been so easy!

Despite the huge interest, not many people had the opportunity to watch how the latest presidential election in the largest country in the world went. Only a few hundred foreigners were lucky to receive the status of an international observer in Russia. More than that, those local observers, who wanted to carry out their mission in an honest way, were not greeted with open arms sometimes. The changing world, however, gives us more and more possibilities to discover the truth about the elections.

The innovative method of video monitoring allows you to see how the Russians actually voted during the presidential election. Just click and you will discover how the work at the polling stations looked like in the Caucasian republics of Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia, as well as in the western regions of Russia - Bryansk Oblast and Belgorod Oblast!

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Election observation results

We are elaborating the standards of video observation!

So far, election observation through monitoring recordings from webcams installed in polling stations, was one of the most underestimated methods of election monitoring. International organizations, as well as local observers, focused on physical presence in the polling stations and analysing the election process with their own eyes and not through the lens of the camera.

The problem is that it is not always possible to find an adequate number of observers in all regions of a given country, especially in the regions remote from the capital and in polling stations located in smaller towns. Video monitoring can easily solve this problem! Moreover, some electoral fraudsters refrain from breaking the law in front of observers when those visit polling stations, however, they do not pay much attention to the web cameras.

The methodology that we used for the process of video observation is extremely simple and therefore highly effective and rewarding. Our observers analyse the recordings from Russian polling stations by carefully examining the turnout (the number of people who cast their vote into the ballot box), as well as indicating the irregularities and electoral fraud. Then, these data are checked by our project coordinators, who, afterwards, compare them with official data in order to detect incorrect voter turnout.

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examples of falsification of the voting protocol
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About us and our project

From Poland with love

The video observation of the Russian presidential election is part of the "Observers in Action" project. It was initiated by the Political Accountability Foundation (polish: Fundacja Odpowiedzialna Polityka), with support from EU-Russia Civil Society Forum. The project is coordinated by 6 staff members of Political Accountability Foundation.

However, the success of the project would not have been possible without the several dozen volunteers. They devoted their free time to the special trainings in order to become observers, and then they successfully observed the course of the voting day in the polling stations situated in remote and little-known regions of Russia. We thank them for their commitment!


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Watch our recordings and find out how difficult it is to hide the truth from the video observer and how easy it was to discover election irregularities!